TabCabby Compact Tablet Charge & Sync Trolley 32 Devices

TabCabby Compact Tablet Charge & Sync Trolley 32 Devices

TabCabby 16H Compact Charge & Sync iPAD/Tablet Trolley


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TabCabby 32H Compact Charge & Sync 

Key features:

  • Stores Syncs and Charges 32 iPad/tablets
  • Fixed angled metal shelves allow easy and fast access to each tablet
  • Secure locking featuring dual point locking mechanism
  • Cable Storage keeps the cables compact, neat & tidy
Dimensions Depth Width Height
Unit 473mm 840mm 1,030mm
Max storage area per device 344mm 217mm 42mm


• Universal design stores, charges and synchronises 32 tablets horizontally with or without protective cases. Accommodates all tablets including iPad, Android tablets, Kindle Fire and more. Cases include Otterbox, Griffin Survivor and other similar sized cases

Exterior Design:
• Smooth rounded corners with shock absorbing bumpers to protect tablets inside and the school walls during movement from classroom to classroom
• Lock with keys located on the top preventing damage during movement through school building
• Access separate compartment to the power supply by side doors - only accessible via a concealed door releases
• Innovative and tactile ergonomic handles located on the top making it easy to move
• Sleek design that is children and classroom friendly without protruding parts (handles, locks etc)
• Fitted with durable 75mm rubberised castors with locking facility. Extra strength is obtained by using an 8mm gauge steel plate welded to the frame which gives the castors additional strength and rigidity by spreading the load from the castor pins to the frame of the units
• L shaped doors to access the side compartments of the unit
• Heavy duty steel frame with strong MFC cladding

Interior Design:
• Fixed angled metal shelves allow easy and fast access to each tablet
• Simple cable storage system keep cables compact, neat and tidy
• All cables, power strips and the Boost+ are kept in a completely separate compartment for added safety and to prevent children from accessing and removing cables and power supplies

Cable Management:
• Cables cannot be removed from the front of the unit to prevent cables from going missing
• Each tablet is positioned on the fixed shelf to ensure the tablets power socket is easy to access from the front of the unit (depending on the model of tablet loaded inside)
• Boost+ is stored in an individual separate compartment to keep cables neat and tidy at the side of the trolley

Power Management:
• Sync your apps, media and usable content through iTunes and Apple configurator from your office, home or classroom
• Cambrionix U16S technology means you can simultaneously synchronise all devices whilst they are connected to the Boost+ unit
• The intelligent charging allows you to charge multiple types of devices at the same time ensuring they all get the right amount of power
• Easy to install updates ensure you can charge and sync all the latest tablets
• Devices of the same type can also be synchronised all in one go saving you time when deploying apps and content
• The future proof design means that the boards are upgradeable so they can keep up with the current technology available
• When the device is fully charged but still plugged into the power supply our intelligent
charging system will stop delivering power. Only when the device reaches the point of
requiring additional charging will the charging system deliver any more power. When the device battery reduces to a certain level recommended by tablet manufacturers our board detects when the device requires power and provides it until the devices are fully charged again
• Remove your Boost+ and use away from your TabCabby for a portable charge and sync solution

Air Ventilation:
• Specifically designed and tested air venting system to keep tablets cool while the unit is locked and the tablets are charging

Safety & Security:
• Concealed latch to release side doors to separate electrical compartment for child safety
• A robust dual locking system with locks located on top of the trolley to avoid damages to the lock and key during movement within the school, especially through doorways.

Additional keys are available

• Lifetime Warranty
• Supplied fully assembled


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