Nook Pod

Nook Pod

Nook enables more flexible, entrepreneurial and collaborative work styles. The ‘Nook effect’ is driving up user wellbeing, increasing efficiency and flexibility of space + creating greater engagement between people.


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Users benefit from increased productivity through better focus; experience more effective phone & Skype calls; and hold more powerful small meetings.

A Mobile, Quiet, Work & Meeting Space

The Nook Team at Do Company are passionate about how and where people do work and connect with each other. We believe that the spaces we work in are in the midst of profound changes. We believe that peoples expectations from these locations are evolving rapidly. We are here to enable that change. To take work and meetings to the next level. And to make it special. For EVERYONE.

Enhance Wellbeing & Productivity

Nook improves open Workspaces which hinder effective concentration, communication & collaboration. Small meetings are where real innovation and connections occur. Nook is an alternative to Meeting Rooms which are usually in short supply and designed for large gatherings.

Standard Features

  • Wheels for high mobility & flexibility
  • Spacious seats and a generous table
  • Mains power and USB sockets
  • Lighting above and at table level
  • Convenient shelf for devices and arms