iNdota T3 Plus 32 iPad, Tablets and Hybrid Device Trolley

iNdota T3 Plus 32 iPad, Tablets and Hybrid Device Trolley

iNdota T3 Plus 32 iPad, Tablets and Hybrid Device Trolley


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The iNdota Plus T3 32 Bay Cart is a safe and secure mobile trolley range that offers syncing, storage and charging for iPads, tablets and hybrid devices.

Many schools across the UK now use iPads and Tablets in the classroom, all these devices need to be kept secure and charged each night after use. An iPad / Tablet Trolley can be a great solution to this issue by keeping them charged, mobile, secure and accessible.

You may wish to synchronise your iPads with the latest software, apps or create backups. This can be achieved by the 'Plus' trolleys, such as the T2 Plus which can fit 32 devices at once, ensuring that your devices are charged, synchronised and ready for the day ahead. See our full range of iNdota Trolleys here.

iNdota T3 Plus Cart

iNdota T3 Plus provides secure charging, syncing and movement of your devices. With build in sync facility you can simply sync all your devices with a master laptop.

The intelligent PCB inside the unit can detect the type of device that has been connected and emit the correct power, allowing for the most optimised charging rate.


  • 32 Bay iPAD/Tablet Storage/Netbook 7"-12" range
  • Strong plastic & metal device
  • Sturdy handle for easy portability
  • 3 Power outlets to power laptops & other equipment with built in overload protection
  • 5” Wheels with Brake
  • Cable Management
  • Built-in Ventilation
  • SMART Timer for energy efficient charging (Plus Model Only)
Device Type iPad / Tablet (AC Adapters Needed)
Device Capacity 32
Height (without wheels) 800 mm
Width 860 mm
Length 500 mm
Input voltage AC 100-240V
Material ABS Engineering Plastics / Metal
Colour Black / White