iNdota T3 32 iPad, Tablets and Hybrid Device Trolley

iNdota T3 32 iPad, Tablets and Hybrid Device Trolley

iNdota T3 32 iPad, Tablets and Hybrid Device Trolley


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The iNdota T3 32 Bay Cart is a safe and secure mobile trolley range that offers storage and charging for iPads, tablets and hybrid devices.

The iNodta T3 is a compact cart, perfect for those with limited space.

Each bay has its own dedicated power socket and with iNdota's SMART charging system you can efficiently charge your devices, prolonging the battery life. Also with SMART comes the ability to choose when your devices charge on the programmable timer so if you have cheaper energy at night you can set it to charge then. Throughout the trolley is built in Ventilation to ensure your devices are kept cool.

The iNdota T3 is designed for IPADs, Tablets and hybrid devices that are all charged using their own AC adaptors. The T3 can also accommodate Microsoft Surface, iPad Pro and other hybrid devices. The rear of the T3 has 32 surge protected plug sockets, ready for the user to just plug in and begin charging! 

At the front of the cart , it has robust dividers, to simply slot in your desired devices, and attach it's connector that feeds in from the rear.


  • 32 Bay iPAD/Tablet Storage/Netbook 7"-12" range
  • Strong plastic & metal device
  • Sturdy handle for easy portability
  • 3 Power outlets to power laptops & other equipment with built in overload protection
  • 5” Wheels with Brake
  • Cable Management
  • Built-in Ventilation
  • SMART Timer for energy efficient charging (Plus Model Only)
Device Type iPad / Tablet (AC Adapters Needed)
Device Capacity 32
Height (without wheels) 800 mm
Width 860 mm
Length 500 mm
Input voltage AC 100-240V
Material ABS Engineering Plastics / Metal
Colour Black / White